By 2030 Social Security will provide only 27% of retirement income down from 35% today. Investment News May 9, 2005
Half of all workers do not participate in any kind of employee sponsored retirement or pension plan Investment News May 9, 2005
About 1 in 4 middle-market households ($35,000 to $99,999) admit they don’t know how to obtain or reach their financial goals. LIMRA, September, 2010
The Average 401k Balance is only $58,991 Over the past 10 years, about 2/3 of annual increases in account balances have been due to workers’ added contributions and company matches. Employee Benefit Research Institute: December 2012
49% of workers say they HAVE NOT saved a dime for Retirement. CNN Money: May, 10, 2012
Savings rates have dropped to 3.4% of disposable income — Down from 3.5% 10 years ago and 12.5% in 1950 The Wall Street Journal: June 1, 2012
Since 1990… Median US Household Income has risen only $109 when adjusted for inflation U.S. Census Bureau
Over Half of American Households DO NOT own an Individual Life Insurance Policy. AMA International Journal; March/April 2005
Outstanding Household Debt DOUBLED to More than $11 trillion from 1992 to 2012 The Wall Street Journal: August 29, 2012

Our Vision

To create generations of financially independent families thru education and innovation. We take an educational approach. We teach families fundamental financial principles that are not taught anywhere else. We introduce them to some of the most innovative products from the most well respected companies in the financial services industry. Providing a family with a financial education today will change lives for the better for generations to come.

Our Mission

At Concentric Financial Group, we believe that a person’s dreams are still relevant. We also believe that the financial challenges we have experienced in this country make it more difficult for people to achieve those dreams. Simply put, our mission is to help people reach their dreams. Whether it be as a Concentric Financial Group client or as a Concentric Financial Group associate, your goals become our goals!


Our team of independent representatives is made up of people from all walks of life and diverse backgrounds. The successful men and women who work with us are former and current teachers, coaches, executives, realtors and students. The common thread among all of our successful associates is a burning desire to make a difference, to build personal wealth andto live life on their own terms.

Make a Difference.  Build Personal Wealth. Live Life on Your Own Terms.

Our Associates have the opportunity to rank among the highest paid individuals in the country. We provide our associates with the resources needed to effectively build their own business. Click below to see if the opportunity may be right for you.

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